About KeepKey Wallet

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Keepkey wallet is a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet with advanced security against physical and virtual theft. It is launched in the year 2015 and with the help of some advanced technology it provides the most secured environment to store the cryptocurrencies. Also nowadays the Keepkey wallet is available at a very low cost which makes it affordable for the people.

What is KeepKey?

It is an Hardware Wallet, which allows the users to store unlimited private keys generated for the transactions. Private key acts as a path to access your cryptocurrency. In addition to bitcoin, the Keepkey wallets allow storing the transaction and storage of various cryptocurrency like Litecoin, Ethereum, Namecoin and so on. Every hardware wallet needs a software to be installed in the system to integrate with the system.

How Payments takes plays in KeepKey Wallet?

The Process of sending or receiving transaction does not change based on the wallets. Here the computer won’t store any private key information which ensures that it will not be able to sign the transactions. Instead of that, the transaction┬áto be signed will be passed to Keepkey wallet.

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How is KeepKey secure?

Keepkey wallet is said to be the most secured hardware wallet on the market. The private key information will be safe. It will be stored in the Keepkey wallet and it never leaves the device. You will have some personal identification number to access the transaction details. It ensures that the unauthorized person can’t view your balance or transactions. The Entire wallet is backed up on setup with 12-word recovery sentence. Using this 12-word recovery, we can retrieve the private key information if the Keepkey wallet is stolen or lost.

About KeepKey Wallet Features

KeepKey Wallet provides access to leading cryptocurrencies and it is available at affordable cost. OLED Displays provided in the Wallets makes easy to work on the device. As it is secured using the latest technology which makes sure that, it is impossible for the hackers to hack the wallet or transaction. Keep your transaction safe and secured with the help of KeepKey Wallet.