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Characteristics of Cryptocurrency Wallet

The cryptocurrency wallet stores two important keys called public and private key. Both keys can be used to receive the cryptocurrency. There are 900 cryptocurrencies present in the wallet. Among 900, the best-known one is Bitcoin. The wallet may include various public and private key pairs, but only some wallets will guard multiple cryptocurrencies. But […]

Things to Know Before Buying KeepKey Wallet

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Bitcoin Wallet is the software program where the bitcoins are stored. The Bitcoin wallet is not like other online wallet, usually it holds the public key and private key information using which the bitcoin transaction happens. KeepKey Wallet is a secure Bitcoin Wallet launched on the year 2015. Like other hardware wallets Ledger Nano S […]

Securing your Bitcoin

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Bitcoin – Decentralized digital currency is becoming more valuable than any other currency. Also it is not so easy to mine or earn like other cryptocurrencies which makes its unique presence. We don’t want to jump into the bitcoin because of its worth or value. Another important question among the people is that whether Bitcoin […]

About KeepKey Wallet

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Keepkey wallet is a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet with advanced security against physical and virtual theft. It is launched in the year 2015 and with the help of some advanced technology it provides the most secured environment to store the cryptocurrencies. Also nowadays the Keepkey wallet is available at a very low cost which makes it […]

How Bitcoin Wallet Functions?


Bitcoin is the Decentralized Digital Currency as the system works without any centralized server or monitoring system. A Bitcoin wallet is a software program where the Bitcoins are stored. To be more accurate and technical, the Bitcoins will not be stored anywhere. To transfer the Bitcoin the user will be having a private key and […]

Hardware Wallet – Keep Your Bitcoin Secured


The Major target of hackers will be the Cryptocurrency exchanges and servers because it holds a large amount of Currency. There are various examples of such hacking, one of them is Mt Gox exchange in 2013. In that hacking event, about 850,000 Bitcoin were stolen which costs $450 million at that time. Now On October, […]

6 Proven Advantages of Using Hardware Wallet

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The Hardware Wallet is not like the normal Money wallet and also it won’t have the Bitcoins in it. Hardware Wallet is one of the Bitcoin Wallet which stores the user’s private key information in a secured hardware. Still, now, there are no verifiable Bitcoin thefts through Hardware wallet which ensures the safety. Nowadays there […]

Functions of Bitcoin Wallet | Strange & Secure


About Bitcoin Bitcoin is the Decentralized Digital Currency. It is also called as Digital Payment System and the system does not depend on any intermediate or third party software. The Transaction between the two people will take place directly. A Bitcoin wallet is not like normal wallet used to save money in it. Actually, it […]