How Bitcoin Wallet Functions?


Bitcoin is the Decentralized Digital Currency as the system works without any centralized server or monitoring system. A Bitcoin wallet is a software program where the Bitcoins are stored. To be more accurate and technical, the Bitcoins will not be stored anywhere. To transfer the Bitcoin the user will be having a private key and public key for each transaction. The Bitcoin wallet is available in different forms as a mobile wallet, desktop wallet, software wallet and hardware wallet.

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Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is not like Money Wallet, as it won’t store any bitcoins inside the wallet. It acts as a digital wallet and it is an important process in obtaining bitcoins. Instead of storing the bitcoins in the wallet, the related and important transaction details will be stored in the digital wallet. Some of the important information stored in a wallet is a private key used to access the bitcoin address and to do transactions.

Desktop Wallet

This kind of wallets will be installed on the desktop computers and the user will have complete control over it. Desktop wallets will enable users to create bitcoin address for sending and receiving transaction.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallets were more user-friendly than the desktop wallets. As it is portable, the bitcoin transaction can be made through mobile itself. It carries out the same functions as desktop wallets.

hardware wallet

Web Wallet

Web Wallet allows you to use bitcoin from anywhere, on browser or mobile. It is important to choose the web wallet because it stores your private key information over the web. Popular Web Wallets are Coinbase and Blockchain.

Hardware Wallet

Hardware Wallet is the secured wallet than any other wallets. Hardware wallets gives you good hold on your bitcoin. The hardware wallets are very limited and it helps to keep your bitcoins safe and secured. The hardware wallet is designed in such a way to use it in a system affected by any malware.