How to Bitcoin Mining takes place?

bitcoin mining

Bitcoin is the decentralized form of cryptocurrency. No one can track your transaction without your private key information. Bitcoin transaction can only take place with the private key and public key. It’s recommended to generate the new key while undergoing transaction. Because the person can track your Bitcoin Transaction through your private key address and […]

6 Proven Advantages of Using Hardware Wallet

ledger wallet

The Hardware Wallet is not like the normal Money wallet and also it won’t have the Bitcoins in it. Hardware Wallet is one of the Bitcoin Wallet which stores the user’s private key information in a secured hardware. Still, now, there are no verifiable Bitcoin thefts through Hardware wallet which ensures the safety. Nowadays there […]

Functions of Bitcoin Wallet | Strange & Secure


About Bitcoin Bitcoin is the Decentralized Digital Currency. It is also called as Digital Payment System and the system does not depend on any intermediate or third party software. The Transaction between the two people will take place directly. A Bitcoin wallet is not like normal wallet used to save money in it. Actually, it […]