Things to Know Before Buying KeepKey Wallet

keepkey wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is the software program where the bitcoins are stored. The Bitcoin wallet is not like other online wallet, usually it holds the public key and private key information using which the bitcoin transaction happens. KeepKey Wallet is a secure Bitcoin Wallet launched on the year 2015. Like other hardware wallets Ledger Nano S and Trezor, it is very easy to setup and use. In addition to that it also having some additional features which is a comfortable choice for the new or old bitcoin users.


The Main purpose of the KeepKey Wallet is to store the private key information in a secure environment. Also the KeepKey Wallet provides the top security by protecting against the physical theft as well as virtual theft. It is not computer specific hardware wallet, it can be used in any computer. You can use in the computer even, If it is affected by virus or any hacker. It is a mini computer used to store the Bitcoin’s private key. In addition to the offline storage it also having Pin code and Number randomization to secure the wallet from physical theft and also hacker can’t steal the bitcoins from your wallet.

Also if anything wrong has happened then you can recover your wallet using the backup seed. Even if your wallet is lost, stolen or damaged then you can use backup seed. The backup seed is generated using entropy from the device and computer used for setup.keepkey wallets

KeepKey Wallet vs Paper Wallet

KeepKey Wallet is better than the Paper Wallet for the less technical users.Paper wallets is bit hard to setup and the possibility for mistakes is more. With KeepKey Wallet it is easy to create secure offline storage. Paper Wallets were also secure if it is setup perfectly without any mistakes.